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New Arrival
MS116W169, 11.6" Monitor ( Aluminum Enclosure)

MS116W169 is the newest 11.6" field monitor offering a full HD resolution, 1920 x 1080, high quality IPS panel with 178 degree wide viewing angle. This monitor is perfect for photographers and videographers who need a bigger screen when filming. It can be used for photo viewing, video playback, game consoles, cameras, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Compact Lightweight Design that is only weighs 1.6 lbs, making it easy to carry while shooting video at the filed.

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Panel Mount Monitor
Sunlight Readable Industrial Monitor with NEMA4/IP65 Bezel

* 5 wire Resistor Touchscreen
* Sunlight Readable up to 1600 nits
* Water resistant design
* Anti-Dust design
* Wide operating temperature - -20~65C
* IP65 rated Integrated 6.5mm Black Aluminum Bezel

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10.4" SKD kit - Sunlight Readable up to 1600 nits

This SKD kit had upgraded to UB35 series LED backlight. It is so bright that the contents on display visible under strong sunlight. It will Last 10X longer than CCFL lamp.
With build-in dip switch on MS456UB LED driver, it can be configured to sunlight readable mode (UB*). Or it can be configured to power saving mode (UL**) and LED backlight will last forever.
It is designed to be easily integrated into kiosks (or Replacing your existing defective LCD monitor), POS, avionics, Vending machine, gaming and all other applications.

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Retrofit LCD for Okuma OSP7000 and OSP7000M

MS121R43CNC+MS587EXT is a replacement for Okuma OSP5000 and OSP5020 old 12” CRT CNC monitors. It also comes with a wire adapter, so you can plug into your existing 20 pin connector to MS104R43CNC+MS587EXT. MS104R43CNC+MS587EXT had upgraded to our UB54 sunlight readable LED kit. It will last 10 times longer than CCFL backlight. Easy to install, anyone can do it! more details
UB Series LED Backlight Kit
Our UB35, UB36, UB54, UB70 and UB100 series are the direct replacement for LCD panels that were originally equipped with 1, 2, 4 and 6 CCFL backlight lamps. As they are a solid state semiconductor device, LED has a longer lifespan typically lasting over 100,000 hours. more details
LCD Controllers
These LCD Controller kits are designed to be easily integrated into the LCD screens that they are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, gaming, ticketing, hospitality, Digital Signage and all other applications, or replace your existing defective LCD Controller. more details
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