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LCD TV Inverter Replacement Guide

Installing the inverter is easy, it does not require any technical skills. In fact, it is a lot easier then changing the I/O Card in your PC System because there is no driver ( Software) Involve.
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Small Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Wire Cutter
  • Tweezer

Make sure your have enough space on your desk and it must be clean.
Disconnect AC cord.
Procedures: Replacing inverter board on large size of LCD TV is fairly easy.
First, remove base and back cover.
Second, locate the inverter board and swap it.
Most of LCD Inverter has 7 or more CCFL connectors on it. So, although there are few modules in side LCD TV but you can easily identify it.

This procedure is based on Kreisen LT30FMP 30" LCD TV.
Removing Base
Removing the back cover
Remove Metal Shield
Disconnect all connectors and swap with new Inverter board V144-001MSS

Symptoms by the pictures:

No more guess works!
LST01 is a custom build tester for Laptop screen repair; it can help you to isolate the problem between CCFL Backlight Lamp and Inverter in seconds.
Save Time! Save money!
LST03 - No need to install drivers
It has all LST01’s features, plus a built–in LCD screen controller that equips with our proprietary drivers. By simply changing the front panel setting, it allows you to test LCD from 8.9” to 42” LCD screen
IT01 is design to test multiple backlight lamps inverter; it is capable to test any type of inverter up to 6 lamps at the time!
Stand alone Inverter tester!
The advantage of this custom build tester is that, you can apply any input voltage through DC Jack to test inverter from Laptop to LCD TV inverter.
UB Series LED Backlight
UB series are the direct replacement for Industrial LCD screens that were originally equipped with dual or 4 CCFL backlight lamps.
LCD Controller
These LCD Controller kits are designed to be easily integrated into the LCD screens that they are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, Digital Signage and all other applications.
45 Piece Screw Driver Set
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