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LST02 - How to test Laptop Screen

Please visit our Cross referrence Table to obtain the neccesary info before you start!
Step1:Step1: Setting the correct resolutions on the dip switch based on your LCD screen size and Maximum resolution
Step2:Select a correct LCD panel Voltage based on your LCD screen’s specification. Most of POS or JukeBox screen use 5.0V DC
Step3:Connect LCD screen’s back light lamp to CCFL output connectors.
Step4:Select a correct LCD screen wire harness based on our Cross Table  .Connect LCD wire harness to LST02.
Caution: Two white dots MUST face up as shown on the photo below.
Note: This 30 Pin connector ONLY can plug in one direction
Connect another side of LCD wire harness to LCD screen
Caution:This 30 Pin connector ONLY can plug in one direction; please do not force it in. If so, you may damage the connector on LCD screen.
Step5: Apply VGA signal to LST02.
Step6: Connect 12V Adapter
Turn on LST02. You see the picture on LCD screen. However, if there is no picture. please following the toubleshooting tips below


No picture but the back light is working:
First double check the dip switch setting based on your LCD screen number. Please remember that you MUST disconnect 12V power supply every time you had reset the dip switch. Second, Check the connection on both ends of Screen wire harness
No Back Light
Check connection on MS321EXT if you are using it as extend cable
Cannot Turn on LST02
Please disconnect Panel wire harness, then turn on LST02. If it can be turn on, then you need a reverse wire harness. Please get a LCD screen numebr and contact our tech support.

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