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Instruction Detail--CCFL/LED Backlight replacement

* CCFL is an extremely small Fluorescent lamp and you must handle them with extra caution.
* Our LED Backlight Kit comes with a pre-installed wire harness, so there is no soldering required.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.


Need help on soldering CCFL Lamp? Click here

InstructionName: LP154WX4
InstructionType: CCFL
Panel Brand:
Panel Number:

Step1: This instruction is based on LG Philips LP154WX4 15.4” WXGA Panel. First, you need to peel off all these tape, you save them to re-use or purchase our repair kit to replace them.









Step10: The part number for CCFL backlight lamp is LG20336. The part number for a CCFL with wire harness is MS140X450CWH336
To purchased the parts, simply copy the part number and paste at search box at

Installing a LED Backlight Kit
Installing LED strip into the metal reflector is the same procedure as installing a CCFL lamp, but much easier. Our LED strips has pre-installed wire harness so there is no soldering required. All you need to do is to slide the LED backlight strip into the metal reflector.
This is a finish LED Assembly.

Please click here for more detail about mounting LED backlight

We do offer CCFL Backlight Replacement service. Please click here for more details.

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