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MS456UB - Version 7

By analysis the failure of the previous version, our engineers had come up with a better circuit design which is a lot more dependable.

First, we had eliminate dip switch, although our return rate is less than 0.8% on last 5 years, dip switch does give us some troubles, such as the bad contacts, especially, when MS456UB uses in an extreme condition. Such as high humidity environment. High humidity will cause the dip switch contacts be oxidizing.

Second, increasing value of C2, by increasing the value of C2, MS456UB-V7 will perform much better in a high temperature environment
Note: The setting of MS456UB-V7 is the same as MS456UB-V6

By analysis the previous version of LED driver and gathering feedback from our corporate customers. Our engineers had re-designed a new LED driver MS456UB-V5. MS456UB is compatible with UB36 and UB54 series LED strip.
MS456UB can be purchase separately at $59.99 each
Quantity discount is available at the checkout
MS456UB produces a much more consistence output current to UB LED Strip, by adding a dip switch with a proprietary circuit design, it allows MS456UB can be configure to many difference application environments.
It depend your application (goal):
UB Series can easily configure to sunlight readable model ( “UB***”), Luminance of white could reach as high as 1800 nits and Luminance contrast ratio could reach as high as 1800:1.
If UB Series configure to power saving mode (“Ultra Low”), UB Series consumes 30% less than regular 2 CCFL lamps 15” and 60% for 4 CCFL lamps 15” LCD screen. After all, they will last forever! However, all UB series LED kits are configuring on “Default”. So after installation of UB series LED kit, you can try a different combination according to our online chart and see the result. The thumb of the rule would be: Configure it as low as possible while you still can view picture clearly on LCD screen.
*** Ultra Bright, this setting may cause shorter life of LED on some LCD screens due to the heat, especially those LCD screens that have the plastic frame instead of Aluminum or metal frame. However, if you prefer to use this setting, we would recommend that you add an additional aluminum heaksink.
** Ultra Low, this setting consumes much less current while maintaining higher brightness level than CCFL lamp. The life of LED will last much longer, typically 10 times longer than CCFL.

Default Pin Assignments: J2 and J3 are shorted
Please click the image to see enlarge picture
Optional Pin Assignments: When J1 and J4 are shorted
Please click the image to see enlarge picture
How to disable "ENA", please click here for instruction
How to Mount MS456UB LED Driver
How to Mount UB Series LED Strips
How to Identify Pin Assignments

MS456UB Datasheet
MS456UB V1,V2

Defective MS456UB is usually cause by shorted Power MSO FET Q4. By replacing Q4, it will solved the issue


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