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LCD Screen Wire Harness

How to connect the wire harness to LCD screen?
Please see the instruction at the bottom of the page.


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The above Wire Harness is also compatible with the following LCD Screen
MakeSizePanel NumberPart Number
LG Philips13.3LP133WX2-TLC1I-PEX-20474-030LC
LG Philips13.3LP133WX2-TLC2I-PEX-20474-030LC
LG Philips13.3LP133WX2-TLC3I-PEX-20474-030LC
LG Philips13.3LP133WX2-TLC4I-PEX-20474-030LC
LG Philips13.3LP133WX3-TLA5I-PEX-20474-030LC

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MemoWhen using the I-PEX-20474-030LC to test LED screens, be sure that the connection of I-PEX-20474-030LC should be face up as shown on picture below. This screen wire harness can ONLY plug in one direction. If you forced it in other direction, you will damage the input socket.

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