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Desktop Monitor Inverter

The defective inverter will cause the following symptoms:
No Display or Dim screen
Screen Flash on and Off between 1/2 to a few seconds, but power indicate light stays on solid green.

No technical skills require performing the replacement. Anyone can do it. It is easy, economic and convenience to repair your defective Laptop Screen.
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DescriptionThis is a brand new substitute inverter module. By analysis the failure of the original inverter, our engineers had come up with a better circuit design which is a lot more dependable. 90 Days Warranty. Note: The problem could either cause by defective inverter or CCFL on HP F2105. However we do offer 30 days return policy. For more details, please visit our Terms page.
Part Number48.L1S04.A01MSS
Input Pin/Volt 
Dim Pin/Volt 
On/Off Pin 

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This inverter is compatible with the following brands and models

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