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DescriptionMS104R43CNC+MS601EXT is a replacement for old 12 inch CRT Monochrome CRT Monitors (All compatible Manufactures and models are listed at the bottom of the page)*. It also comes with a wire adapter, so you can plug into your existing signal connector to MS104R43CNC+MS601EXT. MS104R43CNC+MS601EXT had upgraded to our UB54 sunlight readable LED kit. It will last 10 times longer than CCFL backlight. Easy to install, anyone can do it!
1 year warranty.
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LED Screen Characteristics:
Physical Dimension271.2mm/10.68"(W)211mm/8.30"(H)X45mm/1.77"(D)
Bolt Hole Dimension259.84mm/10.23" (L to R) X 197.36mm/7.77" (T to B)

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All included accessories are shown on above photos
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Part NumberPrice
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models
ManufatuerOriginal ModelCRT SizeCNC Equipment
AccurpressEST-200012" (M) CRTAccurpress CNC gauge system
AccurpressEST-300012" (M) CRTAccurpress CNC gauge system
Allen Bradley610570-0212" CRT(M)Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT, 7300-ACRT1 Control and 7360 CNC Control
Allen Bradley62889312" (M) CRTAllen Bradley 7300-ACRT, 7300-ACRT1 Control and 7360 CNC Control
Allen Bradley628893-0412" (M) CRTAllen Bradley 7300-ACRT, 7300-ACRT1 Control and 7360 CNC Control
Ball BrothersTV-120 12" CRT(M)Ball Brothers TV-120
Cincinnati Milacron1-313-109800112" (M) CRTCincinnati Milacron 1-313-1098001
DotronixTTL 12012" (M) CRT 
Kristel2523-A4212" (M) CRT 
Kristel2524-AA312" (M) CRT 
MatsushitaTR-121AYB12" CRT (M)Okuma 5020L LNC-8
OkumaE0105-800-020-112" (M) CRTOSP5000L
OkumaE0105-800-05512" (M)OPS5000L-G
OkumaE0105-800-13812" (M) CRTOSP5020L
OkumaE0105-800-14212" (M) CRTOSP5020M
OkumaOSP5000G-G12" (M) CRTOkuma OSP5000
OkumaOSP5000L-G12" CRT (C)Okuma OSP5000L-G with 12 inch Monochrome CRT Monitor.
OkumaOSP5020L12" (M)OSP5020L with 12 inch monochrome CRT monitor (TR-121AYB)
OkumaOSP5020LSY12" (M) CRTOSP5020LSY
Omni VisionLP1218E6812" CRT(C)Giddings & Lewis 8000B
TotokuMDT121612" CRT (M)Totoku MD1216
Z-AxisV414PW01212" CRT (M) 
A=Amber CRT
GM=Green Monochrome CRT
M=Monochrome CRT
C=Color CRT

MS121R43CNCHAAS is our newest replacement for old HAAS 12 inch monochrome CRT monitor. more details
Retrofit for Allen Bradley PanelView 1400e more details
Retrofit for Allen Bradley PanelView 1200 more details
Retrofit for Okuma 5020L more details
Retrofit for Mitsubishi MDT962B-1A more details
Retrofit for Fanuc A61L-0001-0093  more details
LCD Controller
These LCD Controller kits are designed to be easily integrated into the LCD screens that they are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, Digital Signage and all other applications.

SKD kits come with Sunlight Readable LCD screen and LCD controller kit
LVDS Splitter
One LCD controller can driver two LCD screens and both LCD screens will display the same exact contents
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